Opening campaign

Big opening in Portugal

Forever 21 was about to arrive to Portugal, and aimed to have an impact on Portuguese youth from the first minute onwards. The challenge was simple: to communicate the inauguration of their first store, generating buzz around the brand and insuring that people would come for the big opening.


Creative Concept
Communication Strategy
Digital PR
Social Media


In order to communicate the big opening, especially to young consumers, we wanted to show the brand’s adaptability to different interests and lifestyle- a brand able to wear different personalities. Being Fashion a creative area, where graphic content is extremely relevant, we invited 6 top Portuguese instagrammers from different creative areas – Fashion, Design, Photography, Illustration – and we challenged them to wear their different personalities, creating their own lookbooks.

Forever 21’s big opening in Portugal was amongst the best ones in Europe.

The concept created for the opening campaign and all the communication strategy created by Lift were of an enormous success, with impressive results even when in comparison to other openings in Europe.


Confirm their presence
through the event’s page


Showed interest in going to the inauguration
Forever 21’s big opening in Portugal
was amongst the best ones in Europe


Celebrities, journalists
and fashion bloggers
went to the pre-opening


People queuing before 11h
on the day of the big opening

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